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BoardMaps and BoardPaq

BoardMaps and BoardPaq are web-based software solutions that help you run an effective board meeting. Fortunately they are useful in handling your group’s activities, facilitating current collaboration and capturing crucial records. The applications are easy to use and provide an array of features that make them worth considering for your board.

A dashboard is an efficient way to present your data. This can be a simple vision presentation of your most important data. For instance, if your board consists of members who experience diverse age groups and personalities, a dash can keep these people on the same page. Also, a dashboard permits your group to visualize the facts that matter to them, thereby boosting your productivity and overall team-work.

The BoardPaq end-user application is available in multiple programs including iOS and Wp7 app. This application provides you with the various tools you need to build an agenda, generate reports, manage meetings and promote staff involvement. Additionally , the mother board meeting iphone app features an e-signature capability for your members.

BoardPaq also includes a neato minor app named Moments Creator. Among other things, it allows you to watch cell phone calls in real time. If your team is traveling, it might give you a bird’s eye check out of what is going on who are around you. As https://contactboardroom.com/corporate-governance-what-is-it a bonus, it features designed notifications with regards to paid clients.

Neither iphone app is perfect. Even though BoardMaps and BoardPaq are designed to be user-friendly, they greatly have some limitations. However they both have their advantages.