NMLS #1276463 / OR License #5342

Safeguarded Corporate Operations Private Limited

The company Safeguarded Corporate Management Private Limited is a Non-govt company, registered with the Mirar of Businesses (ROC) in Delhi upon 25 Sept, 2019. They have 3 directors – Nitin Bora, Ashutosh Bora, and Ajit Singh. The company was placed in the year 2150. Its licensed share capital is Rs. 0. you Cr., while the paid up capital is normally Rs. 0. 1 Cr. The company’s last AGM was held on nineteen Oct, 2020, and it filed it is latest balance sheet on 31 Mar, 2020.

Secure Corporate Supervision Private Limited may be a private limited company listed in India. As per our records, the company has got three company directors and no primary management employees. It has nil debt. Further, the company includes three administrators and no various other key operations personnel. The corporation is involved in Personal & Social Products Activity. Safeguarded Corporate Supervision Private Limited has one branch in India: Delhi. The head office is located at New Palam Vihar, Gurgaon. The company is listed in the Mumbai Stock Exchange simply because Secure Business Management Non-public Limited.

The company uses an info Security Management System (ISMS) to integrate the practice of secure corporate and business management into its day-to-day operations. Its desired goals include having a “Corporate Facts Security Culture” that fosters spontaneous, secure behavior and actions within the organization. All employees are expected to take part in the management of information security. The group admin-security.fr has adopted these guidelines to help ensure the privacy and security of its buyers. This coverage is based on three core principles: